Combining craftmanship, creativity, the latest technology and expertise; that is the strength of Dairy Protein Cooperation (DPC Food). DPC Food is a joint venture of Amalthea and Ausnutria


Amalthea produces a wide range of semi hard goat’s and organic cow cheeses, soft goat’s cheeses and white cheeses of award-winning quality. Processing over 130mln kg of milk it is a leading player in this market. The milk is processed in the state-of-the-art production facility located in Rijen, The Netherlands. Besides the range of cheese products, also in this facility an assortment of ingredients is produced. Amalthea has an exclusive cooperation with the Amalthea Coop of goat farmers.

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Ausnutria is worldwide leader in infant formula nutrition based on (goat) milk with leading brands like Kabrita and Neolac, active in over 70 countries and a turnover of over € 1 billion. Ausnutria’s headoffice is located in Heerenveen – the Netherlands and has subsidiaries in the Middle East, Russia, the United States, Europe, Brazil, Mexico and China. Ausnutria has an exclusive and long lasting cooperation with their dedicated goat farmers.


DPC Food as your partner for goat and organic cow products

With Amalthea being one of the mother companies, Amalthea also produces goat’s products based on the CleardMilk® Formula. DPC Food can also be your partner for a wide range of goat based end-products. Besides the CleardMilk® Formula assortment, DPC Food can also be at your service when it comes to your needs on semi hard goat’s cheese, soft goat’s cheese, goat’s butter or cream, goat’s dairy products or organic cow cheese. All based on high quality goat’s milk or organic cows milk obtained directly from the source and produced in own modern production location in the south of The Netherlands.

Discover the plentiful benefits of CleardMilk®

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