CleardMilk® combines the health benefits of goat’s milk with the functional and sustainability benefits of the latest technology.

The promising goodness of goat’s milk

  • Good digestion based on casein composition; alpha S-1 casein is the cause of milk allergy. In mother milk this specific casein is not present, in goat’s milk only 3% alpha S-1 caseine and in cowmilk 26%. This is the reason that goat consumption is growing in Europe, Asia and America’s
  • Naturally high concentration of nucleotides, which help to support the immune system and cell growth
  • Naturally rich in vitamins (A, D, B1, B2 and B12)
  • Naturally rich in minerals (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and iodine)

The latest Dutch dairy knowledge & patented innovation on processing technology

  • Maximum removal of all bacteria & spores (more as with bactofuge)
  • Pure original taste
  • Longer shelf life of end product
  • Circular production process & lower ecological footprint
  • Improved physical appearance and taste

The Benefits of the CleardMilk® formula

The goodness of Dutch goat’s milk offers the potential to widen your product range and access to new markets

Especially markets where lactose intolerance is a topic, the ease of digestion of goat’s milk-based products offer potential. Besides goat’s milk, cream and fat offer benefits like white colouring, specific fresh sour flavour, and lower melting point. The CleardMilk® Formula now enables you to unlock this potential based on local production.

Locally produced goat’s dairy, goat’s cheese or goat’s enriched products without local milk

Independent of local availability of goat’s milk it becomes possible to produce goat’s dairy, semi hard goat’s cheese, soft goat’s cheese or white cheese types. CleardMilk® Formula can easily be combined with other milk types, widening the possibilities in white cheeses, like feta. Entering new profitable categories becomes possible.

No more seasonal shortages of goat’s milk

CleardMilk® Formula offers year-round production possibilities which can boost the total turnover of your company. It optimizes your planning process, and you have no more seasonal out of stocks. CleardMilk® Formula can easily be combined with local milk.

High Yield per kg of CleardMilk® Formula

CleardMilk® Formula is rich in premium nutrients from Dutch goats; the high fat and protein levels lead to high yield of produced dairy products. The yield is significantly higher versus regular milk powders. The multiplier on the output is depending on the product type and local conditions. Previous implementations have shown multipliers of 1,3 to 1,7 on the end product, based on 1 kg of CleardMilk® Formula.

The occupation of the factory is increased leading to lower conversion cost, higher margin

It offers the possibility to expand production capacity independent of local milk supply.

Superior taste combined with longer shelf life

While all essential nutrients are retained in CleardMilk® Formula, all the harmful bacteria’s and spores have been removed to the maximum. This leads to longer shelf life while keeping superior taste and physical appearance. This offers opportunity for longer runs, optimization of stock management and reduction of waste.

Less dependence to import

It makes you less dependent on import of end products and offers the opportunity to market your own product based on local production origin and branding.


Dairy: milk, labneh, ayran, yoghurt, curd, custard, butter, cream etc.

Cheese: hard cheese, semi hard cheese, soft cheese, white cheese with mixed milk types like feta

Coffee & Tea: excellent basis for cappuccino’s, latte’s, applicable in cups, sachets or for bag in box applications.

Tea: special formulations developed for cream tea and cheese tea applications

Ice cream

Energy and diet products


To ensure successful local implementation, a team of experts can support in the test phase as well as in the scaling up phase. With Amalthea as one of the mother companies of DPC Food, all expertise on producing semi hard cheese, soft cheese, white cheese, or dairy is available and can be directly to your disposal.

Tailor-made Businesscase

A dedicated businesscase can be made to give insight in the opportunity CleardMilk® Formula can offer in your specific case. In a joint team, our experts analyse your specific data, your production & supply chain process and market possibilities leading to a bandwith of the potential.
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