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The goodness of goat’s milk unleashed; local production and applications without local availibility of milk

CleardMilk® Formula enables local production of goat’s milk based or enriched products without the availability of local milk. A balanced high protein portfolio is developed based on the specific industry application and product benefits. Dedicated formulas are developed for different industries: dairy, cheese, sports & energy drinks, coffee & tea, ice.
The benefits of the CleardMilk® Formula
CleardMilk® is available in powder and liquid formulas
CleardMilk® Formula is relevant for many industries

About Dairy Protein Cooperation

Nourishing people anywhere in the world enabling local production and by using and enhancing all nutrients from milk in a sustainable manner.

That is the main purpose of Dairy Protein Cooperation (DPC Food). Combining craftmanship with the latest technology and expertise, DPC Food has developed a 100% natural goat’s milk high protein ingrediënts assortment produced in the Netherlands which is the perfect basis to produce dairy, cheese, and food products. DPC Food is a joint venture of Amalthea and Ausnutria.

Discover the plentiful benefits of CleardMilk®

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